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A  place for those who 'Got It' and those who 'Get It"

Getting BAC 2 zero

What's with the name? Getting BAC 2 zero came to life shortly after I myself came BAC to life. Though encompassing now, my initial sobriety goal was simply to forever rid my life of booze, essentially getting my Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) back to zero.  Thus, the name of my personal mission was born, along with my new sobriety support home, Getting BAC 2zero.   My 'freedom date' from alcohol is February 3rd of 2020, freedom from an agonizing list of memories I regret having, but pray I never forget.  Today, i celebrate Freedom from a world that was once filled with dread, regret and fear.  My goal started out simply as one of abstinence, but has since grown into a life once again filled with dreams, hope and daily anticipation of 'what can be'.   My journey is one that I want to share with you, and need to share with you.  In return, my hope is that these pages will be filled with the shares, hopes, bumps, stumbles and stories of the courage of my peers, the things we all need to carry us through our days.  Getting BAC 2 zero is our site, our place to listen, learn and grow everyday, a team of many, united with a common focus or achieving our dream, one day at a time!

Getting BAC 2 zero is a sobriety SUPPORT site.  We strongly recommend that anyone interested in abstaining from alcohol consult with a physician prior to starting the journey of sobriety.  Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs can be very difficult, dangerous and sometimes deadly, and medical supervision is strongly suggested!

Thanks for joining us, WE need you!

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Getting BAC 2zero is a team of contributors providing a wide array of personalities and unique recovery preferences.  Click here learn more about us!

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