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BAC'ers Basic

BAC'ers Basic

Let’s stay connected even more!

Three Zoom calls a week, plus a 1:1 coaching session once a month with Jeff, a Certified This Naked Mind Coach.

Connection when dealing with anything is the back bone to success. Learning from others, talking to certified This Naked Mind coaches is just the beginning. On these calls you can listen, share your story, ask questions, give opinions, all in the security and safety of your own home.

Group discussions will include a daily topic based upon the practices of the This Mind Mind practices as well as addressing topics or questions of concern from participants.  Calls are not. recorded for privacy reasons, but follow up material will be made available for all members.

Our calls are scheduled Sunday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 7pm EST every week.

This is a judgement free safe place to learn, share, think and have fun while becoming alcohol free.

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