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Susan Larkin

Susan is passionate about helping people become free and empowered in their lives without alcohol. She knows first-hand what it’s like to feel stuck, knowing alcohol did not work for her, but also not being able to let go.  Alcohol kept her living small, numbing her emotions, and feeling miserable. What kept her stuck was anxiety around social events, worrying about feeling “different” and not believing she could manage social anxiety or have fun without alcohol.

When she saw Annie Grace’s webinar about becoming “Alive” she decided this is what she wanted for herself. In June 2020 she made the decision to go alcohol free. Eliminating alcohol was just the beginning. Through learning to manage her mindset, self-compassion work, strategies to manage stress and living intentionally, she began to become truly “Alive”.

This transformation led her to train to become a certified TNM coach so she could help others find the true freedom and restoration that she experienced. She believes in a training vs. trying approach to navigating social events alcohol free. She has created a boot-camp program for training for events that works on three principles: intention, inquiry, and internalization. Once you start experiencing social events alcohol free you will be infused with confidence and become empowered and unstoppable in your alcohol-free life! 

Susan was born and raised in CA and moved to the East Coast where she currently resides. She has her MBA and has worked professionally in higher education for the past 17 years. She has 2 adult grown children and 2 adult stepchildren. Susan is also a Christian and is in the process of creating a ministry based on the grace first This Naked Mind approach to habit change.

Visit her website to get started with her free event planning tool or click below to set up a discovery call to start training for your best life!

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