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Eating Time

Nutrition and this alcohol free journey

We often want to think of our bodies as a balance scale, calories in - calories out. But, in reality our bodies are much closer to a complex chemical lab where everything we do effects everything else. That means that we must learn to pay attention to food and nutrition in a whole new way. It also means that there is an intersection between the consumption of alcohol and how our bodies absorb and use nutrients. It might seem like a good idea to 'help' our bodies through alcohol detox by prioritizing nutrition and even taking a handle of supplements to help us through the early days. In fact, because of drinking alcohol,  our bodies will most likely need to detox naturally and come back into homeostasis ( a balanced state of health) before we start actively working on our nutrition. This looks like aiding our body in its natural processes in the beginning and saving the more intense protocols for further down the road.

Our goal is to provide you with resources to help you move forward in your wellness journey whatever stage you are at. Visit our 'Links' to connect with Teri Patterson, The Sober Nutritionist for free handouts and protocols that you can use from the onset and for those next steps as you create true wellness. Teri is a 2016 graduate of The Nutritional Therapy Association and a certified This Naked Mind sober coach. Teri is also a registered RESTART® instructor teaching a 5 week sugar detox program that is recommended to anyone who is 90+ days alcohol free. You can also find links to workshops that Teri teaches on healthy lifestyle such as natural detox, sleep and more.

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