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Glad to Bitch

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

I have never been so happy to bitch about things! This past weekend my daughter and her family moved into a new house. Being a large man with a pickup truck, I am frequently 'invited' to join others as they move their belongings from one place to another, upstairs, downstairs, local or a fur-piece. Too many people have learned that if you want it moved, call Jeff, he can't say no!

And let me tell you, this weekend was hot and humid! We started Friday evening and didn't finish until late Sunday afternoon, and I have never been so happy to bitch in all my life!! You see, two years ago, my phone would never have rung, and while my family would have been working together as a family unit should, I would have been in my garage or basement, alone with my case of beer.

Today I can once again be taken advantage of. Today I am here. Today I am ready and willing to help. And today, I am actually someone that can actually be relied upon. I sometimes wish that wasn't the case but am so frickin' glad that it is!

Two years ago, I was not asked to babysit my grandchildren, I was not asked to drive others around, I was not asked to do anything that was even remotely associated with the word 'responsibility'.

So, to my daughter that ruined my weekend and took advantage of my back and truck, to my daughter that took me away from football games on the couch, wonderful naps and a couple of very unhealthy snacks of the round pepperoni variety, to my daughter that is responsible for the dooty under my fingernails from changing multiple diapers..............THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me a chance to earn you back.

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