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Shut up, Listen and Learn if you want to succeed

Last night was a perfect of example of why I need to refrain from EVER thinking "I've got this". A big thanks to Charissa, Cindy and Jessi or being guests on the panel discussion night this past Tuesday. The magic of this group happens for me when I am open to listen to the thoughts and views of others. My growth always occurs when I am able to shut my mouth (difficult, yes I know but I'm working on it) and open my ears and my mind to opinions other than my own.

We were talking about dealing with our past issues, and the team brought up some ideas that kind of went against my old school thoughts, but when I dropped my guard and opened my heart, new ways of dealing with yesterday and strategies for my growth for tomorrow suddenly made incredible sense for me. The toolbox I use to build my new 'house' just got a little fuller with some newer and better ideas to help me get this job done!

When I open my eyes and ears, its quite obvious that 'I don't got this'. I am getting it, but as soon as I start to believe that the learning period is over and complete, I am in big trouble! The class called Sobriety never ends and I'm assuming we never graduate. But it's a hell of a lot more fun and interesting than Social Studies, and as long as we agree to listen at times, talking in class is not only allowed but encouraged.

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