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​Hey, I'm Jeff Graham

Certified Coach This Naked Mind


Do you wish that alcohol was not a part of your life, but fear the thought of living without it?

I was angry when life told me I needed to give up booze.   I work hard, I have a lot on my plate, I deal with stress all day and yet still provide for my family. I DESERVE to drink!  I've earned it!

If this sounds like you, welcome to the club!  The thought of living life without alcohol not only bummed me out, but I had no idea how it could ever be possible while still enjoying anything.  I felt doomed to either drink or accept a life sentence of stress, boredom and unhappiness.  I wondered why this was happening to me, I'm not a bad person......


I'm here to tell you, there is an answer.  And not only is it possible to live without alcohol, but your life can be LIVED without alcohol.  I'm not just talking about surviving the day without drinking, I'm talking about thriving the day without alcohol.. I'm talking about giving yourself happiness, freedom, peace and a life that is not the stop sign that i thought sobriety mandated, but living life happier and fuller than I had long forgot was possible.  It's real and it's yours if you want it!

If you're interested in looking at new options for your life, free from the guilt, the anxiety and the physical hell that our daily 'reward' was giving us, let's talk about how we can get there!

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