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Stop Trying to Quit,
Start  Trying to Learn!

"I'm Ready, How Do I Start?"

Annie Grace 'This Naked Mind'

- Learn about Alcohol and it's effects on our bodies
- Learn about YOU and Why you drink
- Learn about your past habits and beliefs about drinking
- Learn about your options and what the best plan is for you
- Learn about alternatives and how you can learn them
- Learn about who YOU want to be and how to get there!
- Learn how to live the life YOU deserve

Understanding why we drink and why we want to stop drinking are key to helping us reach a decision like choosing sobriety.  Self analysis can help us to understand the feelings and desires that make no sense to us at times.  By understanding our "why's", we can better determine our best course of action to get us back the 'US' that we were meant to be.

Do you know why you drink?
       - are you bored?
       - are you lonely?
       - are you sad?
       - are you anxious about something?
       - are you disappointed with yourself?

Why are you feeling a need to drink?
  (is drinking still a pleasure or has it become a need?)

Why is drinking the solution for you?

Can you stop once you start?


Quick Tips from your Peers

Unless I know why I drink like this, I have no chance of finding MY Solution!

"When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore: it's a decision"

During an episode of the comedy series 'Seinfeld", the character of George Costanza figured that if everything that he did in his life resulted in negative results, then by simply doing the opposite of his typical routine, he would get positive results. 

This may seem far fetched, but unless we identify the behaviors that we continue to repeat over and over again resulting in negative events in our life, we have no chance of fixing them and reversing our outcome.

Journaling is a great way to help us understand why we behave as we do, how our actions affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones, and just what life could we lead if we could create our new destiny.  Below are 7 days worth of journaling prompts that can help us understand who we are and who we want to be.  We invite you to answer the entries honesty and with as much detail as you can put into words.  Knowing our past and the dreams of our future can greatly help us to achieve our goals in life!

Below are some journaling prompts that can help us understand what our thoughts are before and after we drink alcohol.  We invite you to print the daily journals and use them as a tool to learn some of the behavior patterns and thought processes that we go through in our daily routines.  The purpose of these journals are for self knowledge and self awareness exercises.  Be as honest as possible with yourself when answering.  

We can not fix the things we are unaware.  By searching our souls we can uncover and better understand the 'whys' that affect our daily lives and lead us to destructive coping habits in the past.

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