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How Do I Survive This?

"I don't have time to go to a meeting, I need help now!"

How Do I Start?

Stop Trying to Quit

and Learning Your Why's!

Click here for some video tips and motivation as well as some tools to get you off towards a freedom from alcohol addiction


Making the choice to give up alcohol is a BIG decision!  Click here for some thoughts that others have found are reason enough to start the sober lifestyle

Social Events

Attending Social Events such as parties or weddings can be very challenging for someone new to sobriety.  Click here to learn how to prepare yourself for the big event!


Does Exercise make the sobriety journey any easier?  How can exercise help me to recover?

Surviving That 1st Week

Start here to learn some tips and techniques to help get through that first week of sobriety.  Your peers offer some tips to make the transition into sobriety an easier time

Anxiety and Alcohol

Alcohol negatively affects the body in even small amounts and can contribute tremendously to the rise and proliferation of anxiety disorders


Sharing your sobriety with others can be embarrassing to many of us.  Revealing our personal struggles and challenges is not something with typically do.  But does it help to do this with others?

Sobriety Stagnation or "Burn Out" is not uncommon, and commonly occurs at some point in a newer recovery period.  Learn how to prevent or recover from this momentum buster

Surviving Sobriety Stagnation

Do you have some things you'd like to add to our SOS resource page?  WE want to hear it!

What works for you  just might work for me

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