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Jeff Graham

Welcome to Getting BAC 2 zero.  I grew up in Northern California, but moved to the Cincinnati OH area during college to pursue a degree in Engineering as well compete for the Cincinnati BearCat football team.  I met my wife on my recruiting trip to the Queen City and after 4 years of defining college sweethearts, we were married and embarked on a new journey together raising 4 kids, and now, 31 years later, we happily try to spoil 3 grandchildren.  'GrahamDaddy' as they call me is enjoying every moment being present with the lives I almost lost to alcohol.

My journey is not front page news. In addition to obtaining an engineering degree, I also graduated with a 'home schooled, self taught' Masters degree in Pale Ale Consumption, a degree that I practiced and refined nearly every day of my life for the next thirty years.  I am what they call a 'high bottom' drunk, having been mercifully spared the experience of sitting in the back seat of a police cruiser, though my luck at avoiding a DUI is akin to the likelihood of winning the lottery.  I have not (and I thank God daily) lost my family due to my drinking, i have not lost my job, and I have not found myself homeless, YET.  I am one submission to a craving, one bad choice at a moment of weakness, or one improperly handled event away from losing everything,.  My primary focus at this stage in my life is to insure that I never wake up seeing that look of regret again in the mirror.

My key to success is nothing in particular but everything at the same time.  I've come to realize though, that all the tools in my possession have very little positive impact until I add my magic ingredient, community!  Without you, without my peers that 'get it' I don't know if I could ever achieve this.  I have tried to do this on my own, and the results were anything but stellar, so now the words 'I' and 'me' have been removed, and my road to recovery is littered with the word WE.  I can't do this alone, but WE can accomplish anything, and together, WE will!


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