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I was under the influence even when i wasn't under the influence!

I was under the influence of alcohol even when I wasn't under the actual influence of alcohol! My life's decisions were all influenced around my drinking, and I chose what I did and with whom I did it based upon alcohol first and everything else second. I was no longer controlling my drinking, it was controlling me. I look back now and realize how much time I obsessed about alcohol and wonder what my life could have been if I had spent all that time obsessing about my career, my family and my health. Alcohol was on the verge of successfully stealing everything that meant everything in my life.

Are you tired of trying to control your drinking? Are you tired of running out of willpower at 5:00 everyday that you promised would be your last Day 1?

I was physically and mentally exhausted with fighting over 'wanting to quit', yet 'wanting to drink' at the same time. I couldn't understand why I was so strong in the morning and yet was powerless to the cravings for alcohol later that same day. I was so tired of trying to quit, and even more tired of failing....

Today I have MY life back. I no longer make the decisions that alcohol mandates. I am once again in control of my life, and have found a way to turn alcohol into a non-entity, an insignificant piece of life that I can take or leave at will. Freedom came not from finding more and more willpower to say no, but by ending the cravings and the desire to drink. When desire is lifted, cravings and feelings of deprivation die.

If you are tired of trying to quit, if you are tired of living your life under the control of alcohol and want to live the life YOU want to live, maybe it's time to work with a coach. I am certified through the 'This Naked Mind' Institute as a coach and am working with individuals that are looking for ways to not just avoid alcohol, but to effectively lose their desire for it, their need for it and all of the cravings that come with it.

If you are interested in learning more about the process and how you can take back control of your life, dm me here or email me at

You deserve YOUR life!

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