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Discovery and

Sober Month Experiment

Tina Von Sachs

Have you thought about giving sobriety a 'test drive'?  Tina leads a monthly workshop designed for the 'sober curious' or those wanting to test the waters of sobriety, to live a month alcohol free.  The workshop includes personal coaching, group sessions and daily 'action plans' to help the new person experience what the path of sobriety can offer.  Learn more with a personal phone conversation to determine the program that's best for you!

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Post-Traumatic Winning is derived from fives years of incredible interviews with men and women who have opened their lives to us and shared their thoughts on a variety of subjects related to the subject of “living a great life after trauma impacts your life.”

The Post-Traumatic Winning Seminar is eight weeks long,

Monday Motivation and
Life Skills Development Workshop


Tina Von Sachs, B2z's Resident Sobriety Coach offers a weekly video of Monday Motivation as well as worksheets and self-help assignments that will greatly assist us in developing the lifelong skills necessary to reach our maximum success in our new lives called sobriety. 

Chick in each week for a new topic, a new perspective and a new set of tools that we can sharpen with help to arm us for success on our roady to recovery!

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