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Mother and Child Reunion

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We recently had a guest on who read a letter written by their son reflecting and celebrating their Mom's one year anniversary of sobriety. Many will know who the lucky parent is, but to protect anonymity, we are going to leave names out.

Though anonymous, this letter could easily have been written by any child to any parent in recovery.

This is pure magic, and if you need another reason why sobriety is the right choice, please read it as many times as you need. Because you are probably not the only one whose life will be affected by your sobriety!


Mom, this card reminded me of the day you chose to take back control of your life. Almost one year ago, you chose happiness, you chose peace, and you chose life. Looking back, that was the most important day of my life for the past 3+ years. Getting you back as my fully present mom, was so refreshing and encouraging to keep going. I’m not only proud of you, but I’m incredibly thankful for your strength. You are the light that guides this family through whatever turmoil comes our way. Seeing you in such a dark place for so long shattered my emotions. I was scared and felt helpless. The only way out was all up to you and you made it happen.

Over the past year I’ve seen you inspire thousands, including me, to choose a way out of unproductive habits. The world needs so much more of my mom, but they don’t have the gift of being raised by you. Continue to be the Super-Mom -Grandma that you’ve always been. I love you so much Mom, cheers to 1 year of sobriety and a lifetime of fulfillment.

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