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Tom Brady of Sobriety

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Tom Brady has won 7 SuperBowls. His team is off to a 2-1 record for 2021. He holds more records in the NFL than any other player. He is arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Guess what he is doing today. He is going to practice. He is spending his afternoon learning something that most people think he has perfected. He is trying to get better. Why does he make the position of a quarterback look so easy. Why does every pass he throws look like its effortless. I'll ask it again, what is he doing today? Like so many others in recovery, I came into this journey looking for the magical pill. I wanted to stop drinking today, and wake up tomorrow cured, free of any desire whatsoever for a cold beer, free from all of the problems that resulted from my years of drinking, free from all the pain that I had caused others, basically the happiest guy walking the planet because I didn't drink last night. But it didn't happen. Luckily for me, I decided to get back at it for a second day, to see if maybe I just didn't give it enough time. To be the Tom Brady of Sobriety might take two to three days after all, a short little effort and then I can just relax and enjoy the fruits of that exhausting toll or recovery with a lifetime of pure bliss! Damn it, I hate when you sober people are right!! Sobriety is hard, real hard, at times it can be a downright bitch! But the victory of alcohol and the life of misuse and abuse that I lived is beyond any happiness that a SuperBowl ring (or 7) could ever bring. I will take ten fingers free from the weight of diamond rings over a shaky, trembling hand loaded with rings any day of the week. But just like those rings, steady fingers don't come without hard work and practice. Just as Tom Brady is going to practice being a quarterback today, I MUST practice being a sober Jeff today as well. If I don't practice, I will not only stop growing, but my sobriety will whither and slowly die. If I want to wear the smiles of sobriety, I have to pay my dues, and that means showing up to practice on a daily basis, opening my ears and my heart, and honestly putting in the effort that is REQUIRED to receive the rewards that I want so badly. Sober and Happy make a great package, and it is available to anyone that wants it, but it does come with a price. We have to work for it, and keep on working for it. Just like Tom Brady, if he had quit practicing after he won his first SuperBowl, he wouldn't have won his 7th. So goes it with my sobriety. If I want to feel like this tomorrow, I have to 'practice' today. The definition of 'practice' is different for everyone. What works for me probably won't be the perfect practice for you, and visa versa. I need to find the areas of my sobriety that need improvement. I need to know where I can get better and where I need to get better and tailor my practice to those. Thats how I will someday wear the rings! I wish I could get this thing done and put to bed with one day's worth of work, but I tried that before, and it don't work for me! The work is hard, real hard, but the reward is great, REAL GREAT!

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